We strive to provide pleasurable, uncrowded, and memorable experiences for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. Our oak forest ranch is nestled in the Mt. Hamilton range 2.7 miles past the James Lick Observatory in Santa Clara County on 580 acres, with flowing creeks and plentiful springs.
Here at the BSR we want you to thoroughly enjoy your visit to the ranch. For your safety and the safety of others there are some rules and regulations that must be strictly adhered to while on the property.


Prior to proceeding with any activities or adventures on the property, all guests must:

a) Make appropriate reservations and payment(s).
b) Agree on your arrival and departure dates and times.
c) Check-in at the check-in station upon arrival. Location will be disclosed or shown to you.
d) Complete and sign any liability waivers and/or trespass authorization forms provided by the owner(s) or manager(s). Hunters are required to keep their hunting license, tags, and permission slips on them at all times while on the property.
e) Familiarize yourself with the property boundaries prior to your visit via Google Earth and provided land map. A map of the property will be provided. Some GPS devices have features that show property boundaries and owners names. Be courteous to the neighbors and their land. Do not trespass onto other properties. Trespassing will lead to immediate removal from Berls Soutas Ranch. Refunds will not be provided should your group be removed.
f) One guest per group (camping and/or hunting) must complete the online Cal-Fire Safety Course and obtain a campfire permit. This course takes about 5 minutes to complete. Print your permit and post this in your campsite. Cal-Fire permits can be used on all public and private lands (where allowed). Each permit is good for the current calendar year, and must be renewed annually.
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a) Visitors are responsible for their own behavior. Guests that break camp rules or act in an unsafe or unruly manner may be asked to leave.
b) Campfires, charcoal grills, propane stoves and lanterns are allowed in the designated camp areas only. Campfires must be attended to at all times and properly extinguished prior to leaving camp. If a fire escapes, all persons must help control it. A minimum of one guest per party will be responsible for notifying the authorities, and/or the landowner as soon as possible.
c) No littering while on the property or roads. All campers must pack out their own trash. It is not the owner’s responsibility to take care of trash and clean up after your group. Please help keep the property clean so everyone may enjoy the beautiful outdoors!
d) Smoking is allowed in camp only. Cigarette butts can contain a virus that will kill tomatoes and other cash crops. Therefore, all cigarette butts must be burned or packed out in your trash (removed from the property).
e) Dogs are allowed in camp. Please keep them under control and clean up after them. Note: it is against state law for dogs to chase or harass any game animals, except as allowed in the State of California Department of Fish & Wildlife Regulations.


a) All hunters must be in immediate possession of a current hunting license, issued by the State of California Department of Fish & Wildlife, along with all required tags and/or stamps for the species being pursued. A signed and dated trespass/permission slip must also be in possession while on the property.
b) Hunters shall obey all current State and Federal wildlife laws and hunting regulations, as they apply. Conviction of a wildlife or hunting violation will result in immediate dismissal from the property. Additionally, the perpetrator may be subject to citation and/or prosecution by law enforcement officers.
c) Game animals that may be taken/harvested on the property will be allowed only as agreed on between the landowner(s), manager(s), and the hunter(s), prior to scheduled hunts.
d) All hunters (firearms and archery) and shooting visitors will practice SAFETY at all times. The “10 Commandments” of Gun Safety are provided at the end of this section. Please don’t ignore them, they may save someone’s life - possibly your own someday!
e) Consuming alcoholic beverages while out in the field hunting is prohibited. If you drink, you must remain in camp.
f) Due to fire danger, black powder/muzzle loading firearms shall not be used for hunting purposes on the property. Note: Shooting these types of firearms at the designated shooting range(s) will only be allowed at the discretion of, and with explicit permission by, the property owner.
g) BSR wishes to heavily support junior/youth hunters and their mentors.


a) All junior/youth hunters must have read, understand, sign, and follow all the rules and regulations provided in this contract.
Note: A licensed parent or guardian must co-sign this contract.
b) There shall be a minimum of a one to one ratio while on a hunt. (At least one licensed adult for each licensed junior/youth hunter)
c) Junior/youth hunters may not hunt or leave camp without their mentor (parent/guardian).


The “10 Commandments” of Gun Safety

1. Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun.
2. Watch that Muzzle! Carry your gun safely. Keep safety on until ready to shoot.
3. Unload Guns when not in use; take down or have actions open. Guns should be carried in cases to the shooting area.
4. Be sure barrel is clear of obstructions and that you have ammunition only of the proper size for the gun you carry.
5. Be sure of the target before you pull the trigger. Know identifying features of the game you hunt.
6. Never point a gun at anything you do not want to shoot. Avoid all horseplay.
7. Never climb a tree or fence or jump a ditch with a loaded gun. Never pull a gun toward you by the muzzle.
8. Never shoot a bullet at a flat, hard surface or water. At target practice, be sure your backstop is adequate.
9. Store guns and ammunition separately, beyond the reach of children.
10. Avoid alcoholic beverages before or during shooting.




a) Drive or ride on established and designated roads only.
b) The speed limit on the property & surrounding dirt roads is 12 MPH.
c) Do not park on, or block, any roads or driveways. Vehicles MUST be pulled completely off to the side of any road or driveway. If parking on a road becomes necessary, there must be a minimum distance of twelve feet (12’-0”) of allowable clear space remaining on the road for other vehicles to pass. Any vehicles found blocking any roads or driveways will be towed or “dragged” at the owner’s expense. A $200.00 fine will be assessed to any vehicle owner blocking any other vehicle’s right of way.
d) Use caution in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters while driving over the tall grass in the middle or sides of the roads. Catalytic converters get extremely hot and can start a wildfire very quickly. This is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT fire safety rule.
e) ATVs and/or motorcycles must follow the same rules as passenger vehicles.


1. The property owner allows riding on specific trails.
2. The property owner authorizes “trailblazing” to retrieve a downed game animal.


a) Cellular service on this property is very limited. Emergency and/or medical help is a long way away. Be careful, responsible, and plan accordingly!
b) Have a first aid kit available at all times and know some basic first aid skills.
c) Have a fire extinguisher and/or basic fire-fighting tools available.